New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Today I’m hoping to channel the great Pam Ayres, whose new book, “You Made Me Late Again” had me chuckling over my Christmas stocking (thanks Dad!). I suspect I’m a couple of decades younger than the average PamFan – surely that has to be one word? – but I do love her folksy, homely verse, full of irritable cows, waggy-tailed dogs and anxiety over whether or not she’s left her curling tongs plugged in. So today I thought I’d celebrate the New Year with my own attempt at Pam-type verse on a subject that always occupies my thoughts at this time of year…New year's resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions


Today is January the 1st,

The day this year I’m at my worst;

Because from henceforth I shall be

Improving incrementally


This year I’ll lose a stone or two,

Just like the Biggest Losers do

I’ll feel so fit and full of beans,

And slide into my skinny jeans


My swearing days are over now

Displeased, I’ll simply raise a brow

Uncouth expletives I’ll replace

With genteel words of tact and grace


My bills and papers I’ll keep neat

My handbag cleared of old receipts

Odd socks will once again be matched

Lost buttons found and reattached


Oh, I’ll be great by next December!

Problem is, though, I remember

Old ghosts of resolutions past

But this year, I’m quite sure they’ll last…





11 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

    1. yakinamac Post author

      Thank you – happy New Year to you! Pleased you enjoyed it. Won’t be winning any prizes for literary greatness, but I think there’s a time and a place for a bit of silly rhyme!

    1. yakinamac Post author

      Thank you! In the midst of horrid throat infection and feeling too sorry for myself to type much – another good reason for turning to verse!

    1. yakinamac Post author

      Thank you – and a Happy New Year to you too! Yes, think whimsy is a word, though auto spell check has just removed the “e” as I was typing this. Wasn’t there also a fictional detective called Lord Peter Whimsey? Dorothy L Sayers wrote the books, I think. No idea how his name was spelled, though.

    1. yakinamac Post author

      Thank you Meredith! If only the humour didn’t mask the terrible truth about my pathetic attempts at keeping new year’s resolutions!


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